Advertise online by placing your ADVERTISING BANNER (a permanent web banner ad with a photographic image and your company’s name) on one of our websites of your choice ( or

Now you can advertise through web blog banners, which will lead visitors directly to your website or Facebook page.

As part of the advertisement, we will publish one or more blog posts published at, which will present in detail your company, product or brand. Posts about your company or product will be also promoted on our Facebook pages, along with your pictures.

To advertise with us, you need to submit information about your company and products, along with pictures for the purpose of publishing in blog posts. Every post on our blog will be stored in our archive for an unlimited period of time (posts can be removed upon your request).

In order to create an advertising banner, we need a 280px wide and 210px high photographic image. If you don’t have a picture available (banner) that meets the above requirements, we will generate one for you from the submitted content (a short description and a link to your website or Facebook page).

Once you place an order, we will have 3-5 days to accept it and to embed your advertisement on our website. Payment for the advertisement will be due on the day of placement of your banner ad.

To determine the cost of placing the advertisement on a blog, please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in promotion through my websites.